Randy Preston


Why I Came To RTC Communications

RTC began a journey nearly four years ago with a simple mission. Provide our valued member-owners with world-class service, provide relevant products that meet the needs of our residential and business communities today, and become self-reliant, freeing the corporation from relying on any federal or state support to secure our future. This complex mission required four crucial elements to be successful; the right talent, laser focus on the changing technological landscape, dedication to the task, and courage to stay the course.

Innovation With Fiber Network

Today’s Federal and State subsidies support RTC and all Independent and Cooperative Telcos across the country and the State of Indiana. A large portion of our annual revenues come from these sources, and beginning in 2017, the federal conversations centered on the reality that all of us would face a sunset of these support dollars soon. The RTC Board of Directors and the leadership team stepped up to the challenge and decided to grow our business and drive the future of RTC. At that point, we had 1,853 Broadband subscribers and 2,100 dial tone subscribers and generated $6.8M n annual revenue. We also held a 60% market share in the territories we served which challenged the organization to grow revenue to offset the sunsetting subsidies. The old analogy “if you build it, they will come” does not apply to the Broadband marketplace because of the multiple platforms for which customers can receive their services, such as competitive providers, Cellular Broadband, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite. The Broadband industry is a deregulated industry, which means anyone can provide Broadband services in our territories, so a 60% market share is a gold standard among Broadband Cooperatives.