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Our lives are a collection of moments – some great moments – connected together and RTC believes that those moments shouldn’t be slowed down because of the network. RTC Communications, your local, world-class, communications provider, is proud to announce its new brand:  Intelecyn™.  

Residents in the three-county area can expect to see the Intelecyn brand rolled out as Intelecyn™ Speed  (1 gig highly reliable broadband internet); Intelecyn™ Home (world-class voice services) and Intelecyn™ Solutions  (RTC Communication business technology and services group).

“We have had broadband internet through RTC Communications for several months now, and we are so happy with it. Before having RTC’s broadband, our internet service was okay but it wasn’t something to brag about. We use to have a hard time getting service all the time and as a business we struggled to make it work. We are now so excited to be able to serve our customers better and always be on top of things. Thank you RTC Communications for bringing us into the telecommunications world and helping us make doing business easier!” Robert Briggeman

Owner, Briggeman Body Shop, LLC

“Living in a rural area we had very few good options for internet service. RTC delivered excellent high-speed internet, and we absolutely love it. They were great to work with from the planning stages, the installation, and customer service. I would highly recommend RTC.”

Dr. Jason Omer