Dear Plainville neighbor,

RTC Communications is excited to announce that we are near completion of an initiative in your neighborhood to enhance your broadband service and speed.  

What you need to know

These combined projects represent over $15 million in capital investment by RTC in much-needed rural broadband expansion. With the upgrade, residents who sign up will be able to enjoy:

  • fiber broadband speeds starting at 15 Mbps and ranging up to 1 Gig, for a better video streaming television for Netflix™, HBO Go® Hulu, and other services
  • better upload and download speeds providing a seamless Internet connection experience, especially for all newly connected devices in homes today with no data caps


Some Background

RTC launched this initiative four years ago with the goal to replace all existing copper lines with the most advance fiber optical network available.  With over half RTC’s network already replaced and transitioned to fiber, 2018 will see the completion of the Plainville and Montgomery exchanges.  The remainder of the network is scheduled to be completed in early 2020.  Residents and businesses in newly constructed areas with fiber will have access to enhanced broadband service and increase speeds.  

 At RTC, we believe that our residents should have access to the same speed and quality of service that metropolitan areas enjoy.  Our customers are seeking the same upload and download speed, greater connectivity for all their devices, 4k streaming, and a network so you can work remotely or run a business from home. Also, research shows that home values increase due to fast internet access and quality network services. As a result, it’s helping attract new business to the area.   

RTC is committed to providing all of our current consumer’s fiber to the home over the next 36-month period to ensure that you and your family are able to experience the full benefits of our world-class but affordable broadband service here in rural America.

What you need to do

Over the next few weeks RTC will be reaching out to you by mail, door hangers, flyers to explain the services available to you and your family so you can fully understand the benefits and enlist your support.  If you have questions, please call 812-486-3211 or email info@rtccom.com.  Thank you.

Kirk Lehman