What is happening?

First things first.  Based on what we see for the future and what’s best for our customers, RTC Communications will no longer provide video service as part of our entertainment package.  For years, our customers have had access to a wide range of channels of information, entertainment and sports.  As you probably know, more than half of all usage on the internet is video of all forms and formats to suit all tastes and styles.  In light of these trends, we have been monitoring and evaluating the trends in video and are making significant changes and restructuring.


When will this take place?

Effective July 1, 2019, RTC will no longer provide our channel lineups.


What does this mean to me?

Nothing at this time.  We will announce a plan soon to help you move to other services that align with the needs of your family. Over the next few months you will receive multiple communications to help you through the transition. You can also visit our site to stay up-to-date as well.


Why is RTC getting out of video?

With the explosion of video options, coupled with the rising cost of content it has become difficult for RTC to continue offering a quality and comprehensive video line-up without a significant rate increase per year. This makes it impossible for RTC to stay competitive with the large national content providers. Instead, we will focus our efforts on the delivering the best communications services possible at reasonable prices to the communities we have served for nearly 70 years.  RTC is evaluating several video options and hope to provide a quality, cost effective solution using our world-class fiber network while still meeting your viewing needs.


Should I cancel my service now?

It is not necessary at this time to cancel your service as we will continue to provide the same great service and support you have known and loved. Over the next few months we will be working hard to develop a transition path for our current video customers. Once completed another form of communication will be sent out to you.

What are some recommendations/options I should consider?

At this time, we have not established any specific recommendations, rather we are working with national content providers to help develop a great option for our customers and hope to have that formulated over the next 60 days.  That said, there are many options in the market to pair with your Intelecyn Speed to stream your favorite shows, movies and programs based on your family’s needs, budget and usage of video content. These streaming services include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Live, Sling, YouTube TV, Roku, Netflix, CBS All Access and many more.


Whose decision was this?

This was purely a strategic business decision that stemmed from long term planning by RTC’s senior leadership team as part of a plan to ensure the health of the company.  That plan is supported by the Board of Directors, and it is their desire to do everything possible to better serve our customers in the long run and better position RTC as a member owned cooperative for the future.


What do we do with our old equipment?

More information will be forthcoming but you can simply mail or drop off your old equipment at the RTC office.


Can RTC help me change providers?

Yes. We want to help and be of support to our customers during this time of transition.  Soon you will be receiving communications to join us for several educational and informative events. These events will provide you the information needed to make the best choice for you and your family. You can also stay up-to-date on the situations by visiting our website.


Is RTC financial stable?

Absolutely.  RTC has never been healthier and positioned for growth as we enter 2019.  This is a hard decision but one that the RTC leadership team and board of directors is making for the long-term health of the cooperative for the benefit of our co-op owners, employees and community.  This is an example of the leadership team taking the necessary actions to ensure the financial stability for our member owners.